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230 Brands, 30.000 Products, 65 Stores, 1 Membership

Exclusive Offers for Members:

Coupons, Sales, Free shipping access & more surprises!

Member-Only Events:

Concerts, Parties, 3on3 Basketball Tournaments & more.

Early Access to Collections:

Anticipated sneaker releases or the hottest running shoes of the season.

Birthday Gifts:

A token of appreciation for being in the GoX Community!

Early Releases & Sales Access
Book an appointment with online stylist
Exclusive access to Kobe court
Benefits member-status-image 0-799 points pro-status-image 800-1.799 points mvp-status-image 1.800+ points
Early Releases & Sales Access
Book an appointment with online stylist
Exclusive access to Kobe court

Collect Points, Upgrade your level and win More!

How do I gain loyalty points?

It’s simple: 1€ = 10 points! But that’s not all… You’ll have many chances to gain points and win more rewards!


For every 1 euro of purchase in a Physical Shop


Automatically upon registration


By Participating in an event


By Inviting a friend


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What is GoX?

It’s a brand new loyalty program of Cosmos Sport Group. Now, you earn more. By using your card, you have access to a world of benefits with more than 30.000 products and unique experiences.

How do I join GoX?

By visiting you have access to all the GoX benefits. Our staff in stores is also ready to help you.

Where can I find my reward?

After completing your registration, you’ll receive the GoX digital card, which you can add to your smartphone’s wallet. Then, all the points and the benefits available will be visible to your profile page.

How can I use my reward?

Now, all the benefits are in your hands! By giving your Member ID or your personal information (email, phone number) to the cash desk, you can redeem all the coupons/bonuses available!

How can I edit my personal info?

You can send an email at [email protected] to get your personal info edited.

Do you need extra help?

For further information, please contact us at [email protected].